We’re going to have people from all over the country attending our events at Q2 Stadium. Whether they’ve moved to Austin from California, whether they’re driving in from San Antonio to watch their favorite band perform, or whether they were born and raised in Austin, we want fans to feel at home.

One tactic you can use to engage fans and make them feel at home is by leading with the question, “are you from Austin?” Their answer will guide you where to go next with the conversation.

If they respond yes, you can dig deeper and ask what their favorite restaurant is. Or ask what their favorite non-touristy thing is to do. Try to find common ground and you’ll be able to create an emotional connection.

If they respond no, you can ask if they are living in Austin or just visiting. Depending on their answer, you can go different directions. If they’re just visiting, you can ask for how long, what type of food they like, what else do they have planned for their trip, etc. Depending on their answer, you can offer up different suggestions from a local’s point of view. By doing that, you’re helping them realize we care more about just the game, we care about they experience Austin as a city.

If they live in Austin but are new to the city, you can ask when they moved, why they moved, what have they enjoyed most, what have they enjoyed least? And then you can recommend your own favorites! Find that common ground with the fan to make them feel at home.


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